Compact smart-lighting designs with highly efficient GaN-powered LED drivers

18-09-2020 | Power Integrations | Lighting Technologies

Power Integrations has announced the LYT6078C, a new member of the LYTSwitch-6 family of safety-isolated LED drivers for smart lighting applications. This new IC uses the company's PowiGaN GaN technology to provide efficiency and performance benefits.

The IC includes a 750V power switch and provides flicker-free output up to 90W with other members of the family delivering up to 110W. Including both the PFC stage and the LED driver, system efficiency surpasses 90%. Housed in a miniature InSOP-24 surface-mount package, the ICs are shielded by an advanced thermal fold-back system, which lowers output power to limit device temperature throughout abnormal conditions, while still delivering light output. The ICs also include the company’s FluxLink communication technology, which enables secondary-side control with no need for an optocoupler and offers better than ±3% CV and CC regulation across line, temperature, load, and manufacturing. All of these ICs exhibit fast transient response and easily support PWM dimming.

The performance benefits of the devices are evident in a new design report detailing a two-stage PFC boost plus isolated flyback on a dimmable LED ballast. It utilises the IC and its HiperPFSTM-4 PFS7624C PFC controller and offers peak efficiency of greater than 91% when driving a 48V LED string at 1350mA from a 220VAC to 277VAC input. In standby mode, system power consumption is lower than 80mW, which offers engineers with significant flexibility when developing lighting controls and specifically dim-to-off circuits.

Hubie Notohamiprodjo, director of product marketing for LED lighting, said: “Power Integrations’ new PowiGaN-based LYTSwitch-6 ICs save lighting manufacturers space and system costs for smart lighting power supplies. The company’s key design goals for our latest design report were high power factor, low harmonic content, high efficiency, and 3-in-1 dimming with zero-to-100% output current. The new LYT6078C driver IC, combined with our HiperPFS-4 PFC controller, easily met these challenges.”

By Natasha Shek