USB-connected Wi-Fi 6-ready RF power sensor

14-08-2020 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig Company introduces the Boonton RTP5008 Real-Time Peak USB Power Sensor, which provides characterisation of Wi-Fi 6 devices in the newly allocated 6GHz band (5.925 to 7.125GHz). The device provides industry-leading performance with wide video bandwidth, fast rise times, fine time resolution, high pulse repetition rates, narrow minimum pulse widths, and superior measurement reading rates. The RTP5008 can fully characterise Wi-FI 6 chipsets and modules at their highest level of performance, utilising channel bandwidths up to 160 MHz in MIMO configurations. Wi-Fi 6 expects to provide faster data throughput, greater network efficiency, improves operation in dense or congested environments and extends battery life for client devices. With frequency coverage up to 8GHz and video bandwidth of 165MHz, the device gives powerful RF measurement capabilities required for Wi-Fi 6 chipset or module work.

The device provides 100ps time base resolution with an acquisition rate up to 100MSa/s, offering 50 points per division with a time base range as low as 5ns/div, gathering beneficial waveform information often missed by other power analysers. Pulse widths as narrow as 10ns can be captured and characterised with exceptional trigger stability (<100psRMS jitter). Engineers can use multiple sensors sharing a common time base to measure MIMO transmissions across a virtually unlimited number of data packets. The device can also be employed with the Boonton PMX40 RF Power Meter to provide a standalone benchtop measurement experience.

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