Turnkey microwave switch and signal routing subsystem service

07-08-2020 | Pickering | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Pickering Interfaces has launched a new value-added turnkey LXI microwave switch and signal routing subsystems service. This new service provides custom-engineered solutions designed to customers’ specifications. These integrated microwave test packages incorporate switches, a dedicated soft front panel, with all the wiring and more in a suitable enclosure. These products are supplied fully tested, with full documentation and a three-year warranty.

The service provides compact, rack-mounted, multiplexer, matrix and complex routing designs based on an industry-standard LXI/Ethernet interface, created and manufactured by the company's team of switching experts. Solutions are offered with bandwidths from DC to 67GHz @ 50Ohm, with terminated or unterminated options and bandwidths up to 2.5GHz @ 75Ohm.

These cost-effective microwave switch subsystems are provided on a fast turnaround. The subsystems also incorporate a familiar programming environment using the company's standard switch API that supports all major test programming languages and serves to accelerate software integration. For complex subsystems, the company's Switch Path Manager signal routing software can be employed to significantly decrease integration time.

Comments Keith Moore, CEO, Pickering Interfaces: “This is an exciting new addition to our product offerings. More and more, our customers ask for out-of-the-box solutions that are complete and ready-to-run with minimal fuss and set-up time. We have the expertise and ability to turn your high-level requirements for a microwave switching subsystem into a fully integrated solution. You provide us with your unique configuration and specifications – our engineers will work closely with you to provide a well-defined and supportable end product – delivering everything a microwave test engineer needs to get a complex microwave test system up and working the first time.”

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