New SSD controller offers rich feature set and flexibility

10-08-2020 | Microchip Technology | Semiconductors

Microchip Technology has released its newest member of the Flashtec family, the Flashtec NVMe 3108 PCIe Gen 4 enterprise NVMe SSD controller. The eight-channel Flashtec NVMe 3108 complements the 16-channel Flashtec NVMe 3016 and offers a full suite of PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD solutions to support a comprehensive set of data centre storage demands.

The company's new controller provides a mixture of compact SSD form factors with efficient power and extremely compelling performance and reliability metrics while producing industry-leading security features. The device possesses greater than one million IOPS for random workloads and greater than 6GB/s of sequential bandwidth. The solution gives end-to-end enterprise-class data integrity with high reliability and critical security features, comprising secure boot with Hardware Root of Trust to assure that data centre operators can give the highest level of available data security. The eight programmable flash channel controllers are linked with exceptionally strong error correction engines that offer future-proof support for next-generation high layer count TLC and QLC NAND technologies.

“The PCIe Gen 4 storage ecosystem is poised for rapid adoption by data centre operators worldwide, and we’re very excited to announce the availability of our new Flashtec NVMe 3108 to enable new products in this space,” said Andrew Dieckmann, associate vice president of Microchip’s Data Center Solutions business unit. “The Flashtec NVMe 3108 delivers enterprise performance and enterprise reliability in a compact package with low power, enabling Flashtec based SSD solutions to be optimised for lower capacity points and smaller form-factors with compelling power and performance attributes.”

“As Memblaze looks forward to PCIe Gen 4 infrastructure we continue our focus on performance, energy efficiency and reliability as we evolve the PBlaze family to new higher layer count NAND across our product portfolio,” said Taile Zhang, senior vice president of Product and R&D, Memblaze Technologies. “Microchip’s innovative Flashtec NVMe 3108 NVMe SSD controller enables a performant, reliable, secure and flexible solution for cost and power-sensitive mainstream applications with rapid time-to-market due to firmware portability with the high-performance NVMe 3016 NVMe SSD controller.”

The companies device provides several options for software and hardware support. A complete software development kit includes its reference firmware with optional hardened firmware modules, simulation tools, debug tools including the company's Chiplink diagnostic tools, evaluation boards and reference designs, global support and a full suite of collateral.

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