New RF amplifier for 4G/5G infrastructure systems

10-08-2020 | Renesas | Subs & Systems

Renesas Electronics Corporation has added to its robust RF Amplifiers portfolio with the new F1490 providing far lower quiescent current (75mA) than competitive solutions. The device is a second-generation high-gain, two-stage RF amplifier that covers the key sub-6GHz 5G frequency bands from 1.8GHz to 5GHz. The device benefits designers with simplified product selection for their transmitter (Tx) lineup, removal of a gain block with better margin, two selectable gain modes for system design flexibility, lower power consumption, and higher performance.

“The F1490 delivers high gain with selectable modes and ultra-low power consumption, while maintaining high OP1dB performance and 2.4dB noise figure, to meet all the system-level requirements customers want from their massive MIMO 5G pre-driver,” said Naveen Yanduru, vice president of RF Communications, Industrial and Communications Business Division at Renesas. “We are excited to continue driving LTE and 5G innovation with our RF amplifier solutions for AAS, 4G/5G base stations, and other wireless communications equipment.”

Created to function within the 1.8GHz and 5GHz frequency range, the RF amplifier offers high gain, high linearity, and wide bandwidth, and is ideal for employment with both FDD and TDD sub-6GHz 5G applications. The device’s pin-to-pin compatibility with current devices lowers the cost of design updates.

By Natasha Shek