NAS SSDs provide durability and high performance

11-08-2020 | Apacer | Subs & Systems

Apacer has launched SSDs tailored specifically for network-attached storage (NAS) applications. Apacer has been deeply involved in the field of industrial memory for more than 20 years, focusing on the development of non-volatile flash memory and SSD applications, and providing highly customised industrial-grade storage and memory solutions. Considering NAS users' stringent data storage and security requirements. The company's NAS SSDs combine high durability, high efficiency, high reliability, and silent operation. It makes it easy to quickly upgrade from traditional hard drives or ordinary SSDs and create security and reliability for home office or SMB NAS applications.

Since a NAS system is expected to operate year-round, reliability is a principal concern. The company's NAS SSDs were designed to prioritise the performance of a NAS system. Large amounts of data can be read and written smoothly 24/7, and the service life is more than three times longer than a consumer-grade SSD, indicating frequent replacements are unnecessary.

Since its NAS SSDs make full use of 3D NAND flash memory specifically created for NAS applications, the performance and response speed are considerably improved, thereby increasing productivity and working efficiency.

Compatible with leading branded NAS systems the company's NAS SSDs have been tested and proven to run smoothly inside NAS systems made by well-known manufacturers such as QNAP and Asustor.

By Natasha Shek