Delivering ISO-standardised automotive ethernet over plastic optical fibre

13-08-2020 | KDPOF | Automotive & Transport

Granite River Labs and KDPOF have announced that a specification for 1GB/s optical connectivity in vehicles has been adopted by the ISO.

“GRL is proud to support ISO-standardized Gigabit Ethernet POF (GEPOF) test services and automated test solutions,” said Vamshi Kandalla, executive vice president and general manager of Granite River Labs. “Extending our automotive ethernet testing profile further supports automotive hardware developers, including ECU vendors, to confidently deploy robust, interoperable products and technologies.”

“With ISO standardisation of GEPOF, we and GRL jointly provide the network technology to enable new and emerging connected car technologies,” added Carlos Pardo, CEO and co-founder of KDPOF. “Carmakers and Tier 1 suppliers benefit from integrated, compatible, and interoperable implementation based on our KD1053 IC and GRL’s competencies to perform conformance tests.”

ISO published two new standards for in-vehicle Ethernet series 21111, creating the basis for reliable implementations of systems that achieve in-vehicle 1GB/s Optical Ethernet as a physical layer. ISO 21111-3:2020 specifies further features to IEEE 802.3bvTM, such as wake-up and synchronised link sleep algorithms. ISO 21111-5:2020 specifies necessities at the system level and complete conformance and interoperability test plan for ECU providers that implement an optical 1GB/s physical layer as specified in ISO 21111-3.

By Natasha Shek