Reliable sealing of silver pins in automotive connectors

24-07-2020 | DELO | Subs & Systems

DELO has launched a light and humidity-curing sealant for connectors that are frequently found in vehicle control units or sensors. DELO DUALBOND GE4918 provides extremely good pin sealing properties, improves connector life, and enables efficient production.

The solution has been optimised for reliable sealing for these pins. It not only adheres very well to the mercaptan coating but also adheres to the common connector housing materials PA and PBT, even under the rigorous conditions of the automotive sector. As this new sealant is flexible in the cured state, it also compensates for the various thermal expansions of metal pins and plastic housings. It provides extremely good temperature resistance, up to +150C, and can keep the connectors tight after thermal shock tests ranging in temperature from -40C to +150C.

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