LED driver for home appliances and hand-held devices plus more

06-07-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Lighting Technologies

Lumissil IS31FL3239 24-Channel LED Driver has 24 constant current channels working over a temperature range of -40C to 125C. Each channel can be PWM by 16 bits for smooth LED brightness control. The device is available now from Mouser.

Each channel has an 8-bit output current control register. This enables fine-tuning of the current for rich RGB colour mixing like a pure white LED colour application. The LED driver provides 38mA maximum output current from each channel, adjustable by one 8-bit global control register. This LED driver employs proprietary programmable technology to minimise audible noise caused by MLCC decoupling capacitors. All registers can be programmed through a high-speed I2C (1MHz). The LED driver can be shut down with minimum current consumption by pulling the SDB pin low or by applying the software shutdown feature.

This LED driver is offered in QFN-32 (4mm x 4mm) package. Typical applications comprise LED in home appliances, LED display for hand-held devices, and AI-speakers and smart home devices.

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