Equipment hardware components target healthcare sector

31-07-2020 | Emka | Subs & Systems

The current measures in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to numerous extended applications in the healthcare sector which require hardware such as EMKA's quarter-turn locks. These adaptations are asking for large amounts of components for devices previously only observed in quite small quantities. Examples incorporate foot-operated sanitisers, closure mechanisms on ventilators and other hospital/laboratory equipment.

The company offer ideal hardware from stock and see much of the demand focussed on stainless steel or high-quality, easy-clean chrome finished locks and handles. Demands differ considerably from budget level protection of low-value items in indoor situations, such as hand sanitisers, where a simple IP40 item is ideal; up to requiring IP65 sealing or higher, where valuable equipment must be shielded from excessive ingress of dust and water.

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