Blue-green chip LEDs ideal for CUD applications

20-07-2020 | ROHM Semiconductor | Lighting Technologies

ROHM has announced the 1608-size high accuracy blue-green chip LEDs, SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W. These products support the choice of Color Universal Design (CUD) in a mixture of applications, including industrial equipment warning lamps, fire alarm system indicator lights, and public transportation information displays.

Approximately over 200 million people with P-type and D-type colour deficiencies across the world find it difficult to differentiate between red and green, perhaps resulting in information being inaccurately conveyed – depending on the colour combinations used. Moreover, since colour vision can vary from person to person, it is challenging to perceive how different people see specific colours, which can be inconvenient and problematic as other people may not notice this deficiency.

Subsequently, there is a growing demand to implement CUD that takes into account the different types of colour vision to convey information accurately to as many people as possible. The company has succeeded in producing blue-green chip LEDs with special wavelengths. These products are excellent for implementing CUD in a wide range of devices, utilising a vertically integrated production system from the element fabrication stage and leveraging the company's strength thorough quality control.

The SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W are the first 1608 size LEDs to be certified by the Japanese NPO, Color Universal Design Organisation (hereafter referred to as CUDO) – making it possible to achieve colour schemes and designs that can be easily discernible by everyone, including those who are unable to distinguish differences in colour.

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