SMD varistors for automotive and general-purpose applications

26-06-2020 | AVX | Passives

AVX Controlled Capacitance Varistors are designed for use in a mixed-signal environment for targeted EMI/RFI filtering and bi-directional transient suppression. The parts are AEC-Q200 qualified for employment in automotive applications and are also ideal for use in general-purpose applications.

The Controlled Cap MLV has three purposes: to reduce emissions from a high-speed ASIC; to stop induced E fields from conducting into the IC; and for clamp transient voltages. By controlling the capacitance of the MLV, the centre frequency and 20db range for filtering purposes is able to be targeted. Controlled capacitance MLV can considerably improve overall system EMC performance and decrease system size.

Offered in 0603 case size, working voltages 9VDC–30VDC and capacitances 33pF–1000pF. Operating temperature range is –55C to +125C with no derating. These parts provide excellent lead-free solderability due to Ni Barrier/100% Sn termination. However, PdAg termination for hybrid assembly is also available upon request.

Typical applications include EMI TVS module control, high-speed ASICS, mixed signal environment, and sensors and more.

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