Partnership for 5G FR1/FR2 OTA measurements solution

18-06-2020 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Corporation announces its enhanced partnership with Bluetest AB of Sweden providing a new unified test solution for OTA measurement of 5G mobile terminals.

The companies have cooperated earlier on LTE/5G FR1 (Sub-6GHz band) OTA measurements, but this enhanced partnership connects Bluetest's RTS65 OTA Reverberation Test System equipped with the new CATR option and Anritsu's MT8000A RF measurement test platform for 5G mobile terminals to implement new 5G FR2 (mmWave) OTA measurements.

Ordinarily, a separate OTA chamber was needed for each LTE/5G FR1 and 5G FR2 OTA measurement. Still, this unified solution aids both measurements employing just one chamber, following in lower costs for LTE/5G terminal developers as well as for operator CAT in a LTE/5G OTA test environment; the unified smaller system also saves valuable laboratory space.

Bluetest product manager, Klas Arvidsson, says: “The Anritsu LTE solution based on MT8821C has shown stable performance since many years and today we support 4x4 MIMO and all available LTE carrier combinations up to six carriers. Bluetest and Anritsu original FR1 5G solution was presented already in October 2018. Now it is time for the next technology leap. Anritsu was, therefore, the natural cooperation partner for us when taking the step into directional measurements on higher frequencies.

Anritsu marketing director, Hiroyuki Kato, adds: “The strength and the versatility of the Anritsu communication tester portfolio really shows its advantage with Bluetest’s flexible OTA chamber solution. Using the MT8000A, MT8821C, and RTS65 to configure an efficient development environment with RF TRx tests, simulated base-station, and measurement-result monitoring functions facilitates cost-effective OTA measurements of LTE and 5G FR1/FR2 mobiles.”

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