Modular magnetics for EVs offer ease in production

18-06-2020 | Luso | Automotive Technologies

Offered through Luso Electronics, EEMPL provide all the magnetics required for charging points and can also configure these into simple to integrate, intended for production modules allowing robotic production. The company are working with many major automotive manufacturers with OBC demands and are now providing parts for the chargers also.

The company offers modular components for wallbox and totem charging systems, such as PFC modules, both single and three-phase, LLC inductors, resonant inductors, inrush limiters and common mode chokes.

An array of transformers and inductors especially produced for automotive applications are all built-in the company's fully compliant IATF16949 certified factory utilising its optimised performance by the inclusion of technologies such as vacuum thermal compound encapsulation. The company's in-house test lab covers all AEC-Q200 requirements.

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