MIPI 2:1 switch offers support for multi-camera devices

02-06-2020 | Diodes Inc | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Diodes Incorporated has introduced the PI3WVR626, a MIPI D-PHY/C-PHY 2:1 switch that allows a single host device to interface with two MIPI compliant modules, assisting engineers to optimise the design of multi-camera cell phones and other personal computing devices.

Numerous consumer devices now feature multiple cameras that are compliant with the MIPI interface. For product designs needing a MIPI switch with only two data lanes, this device provides a cost-effective alternative, marking the requirement for an improved solution.

The device offers 2-to-1 multiplexing via three differential channels; each can switch high speed (HS) and low power (LP) MIPI signals. The device supports D-PHY through two data lanes and a clock lane, as well as with two lanes for C-PHY.

Each channel is switched utilising low on-resistance SPDT switches, which assures low insertion loss with a break-before-make operation. The device's high bandwidth of 4.5GHz, together with low channel-to-channel skew and minimal crosstalk, indicates that data rates of 2.5Gsps for C-PHY operation and 3Gbps for D-PHY data can be supported. The device can function from a supply voltage between 1.5V and 3.6V.

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