Lasers enhance LiDAR vision of autonomous vehicles

16-06-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Automotive Technologies

Mouser now offers the SPL S1L90A and SPL S4L90A lasers from Osram Opto Semiconductors. The high-power, infrared SMT components feature a 905nm laser wavelength suitable for use in autonomous vehicles and other LiDAR applications.

The lasers provide a typical output of 120W at 40A per channel, at up to 33% efficiency. The lasers feature low thermal resistance, enabling heat to dissipate easily from components even when operating at high currents. The lasers are offered in the single-channel SPL S1L90A version and the four-channel SPL S4L90A version, giving varying levels of range and optical power. The four-channel laser delivers outstanding optical power at 480W, ideal for an extended detection range.

The high-power lasers allow short pulse widths of around 2ns or less. The lasers are qualified according to AEC-Q102 automotive guidelines, and their compact form factor makes them an excellent choice for limited-space designs as well as industrial sensing, control and automation, 3D sensing, CCTV surveillance, and pedestrian protection applications. The package design assures precise mechanical alignment during assembly, as well as a very low inductance to ensure short pulses for best results in high and low-volume applications.

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