High-reliability diode array family protect in harsh environments

11-06-2020 | Microchip Technology | Semiconductors

Microchip Technology has announced its newly-expanded portfolio of TVS vertical arrays – the MDA3KP TVS, a 3kW diode family of over 25 products with varying screening levels, polarities and qualification standards.

The company's TVS diode array family is claimed to be the only available technology offering a comprehensive voltage range tested to a high-reliability standard and qualified based on the MIL-PRF-19500 JANTX level equivalence standard. This provides an integrated multi-diode solution. These voltage-clamping devices give fast-reacting ABD features that divert excess current round sensitive components to defend them from electrical overstress.

“Digital controls, logic and diagnostic system circuit blocks require highly reliable, secure current and power protection to ensure operations in extreme environments,” said Leon Gross, vice president of Microchip’s Discrete Product Group business unit. “This diode family also addresses the challenges system designers face with a more efficient vertical construction and requirement for less board space than other devices.”

These TVS diode arrays are offered in the following screened version industry standards: M, MA, MXL and MX. The devices have been exposed to numerous levels of testing to assure they satisfy the aircraft lightning protection requirements set forth in the standard for environmental testing of avionics, RTCA DO-160E (Lightening Induced Transient Susceptibility). RTCA (the American Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics) is the industry consortium that develops consensus on critical aviation modernisation issues.

The diode family offers defence system circuit protection for ruggedised handheld radios, the GPS, and communication test equipment. Other device applications include automotive, industrial logging equipment, power supplies and marine systems.

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