Enhanced customised display options for ‘COVID-aware’ user interface designs

05-06-2020 | Anglia | Subs & Systems

Anglia Components has announced an enhanced range of customised display options, providing designers with the flexibility to produce their own components when off-the-shelf solutions do not meet their needs, for example in creating new COVID-aware touchless user interfaces.

Commenting on the enhanced service, David Pearson, technical director of Anglia, said, “We are seeing a dramatic increase in the use of displays for both consumer and industrial electronics and due to the current COVID-19 situation, we’re predicting further major change in how displays are integrated into designs. Touch screens, which were previously a preferred user interface technology, are now seen as a potential infection vector. Instruments need to be redesigned with a touchless interface such as voice or gesture control or using two-way communication from a control device which may be a cell phone, a tablet or dedicated unit allocated to the user.”

Pearson continued, “At Anglia, we’ve been working increasingly on medical and other designs following the government’s call to action, and we’ve seen how user interface design needs to change in this field. Whereas teams of operators until now have been happy working close to each other and sharing touchscreens when setting up and using machinery in the future that will become much more of an issue. For instance, medical instruments need to be designed to be operated at a distance from the patient wherever possible.”

The company has many display options available, from custom symbols to special text fonts among other features. These customised displays can be specified to individual domains or applications, enabling them to satisfy the demands of particular industries such as high-performance control panels that can be embedded into equipment and machines.

By Natasha Shek