UV LED and infrared LED products for medical applications

21-05-2020 | New Yorker Electronics | Lighting Technologies

New Yorker Electronics is globally supplying Inolux LED and Infrared devices for UV sterilisation, oximeters and other medical and scientific applications.

These products offer an exceptionally long lifetime in compact surface-mount packages. They are built with film gold-plated metallised substrate for enhanced thermal conductivity, higher reliability and improved light reflectance. They produce a low thermal resistance (4-6C/W). They are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and hold Level 4 moisture sensitivity in accordance with JSTD-020.

As well as medical applications, they are employed in home appliances, industrial and commercial equipment, touch panels, smoke detectors, remote control, smart devices, smart wearables, gaming machines, counterfeit detection and DNA sequencing.

In addition to biotech and medical uses, Inolux Infrared Sensor sand Infrared Emitters are created for motion detection, smoke detection, remote control, security, low-power touch screens, night vision and communication.

By Natasha Shek