Ultrasonic transducer EVM sensor signal conditioner

20-05-2020 | Texas Instruments | Design & Manufacture

Texas Instruments BOOSTXL-TUSS4440 Ultrasonic Transducer EVM allows users to fully evaluate the TUSS4440 ultrasonic sensor signal conditioner and transformer driver. Transducer compatibility is expanded to open or closed-top transducers operating between 30 to 500kHz. The transducer drive stage consists of low-side complementary drivers that can be configured to drive an ultrasonic transducer through a step-up transformer.

The device delivers a constant current to the primary side of the transformer for efficiency. The drivers can be either controlled directly via MCU for complete customisation of the burst signal or can be programmed via SPI with customisable burst length. The receive signal path includes a low-noise linear amplifier, a bandpass filter followed by a logarithmic gain amplifier for input dependent amplification. This provides for high sensitivity for weak signals and offers excellent input dynamic range over a full signal range. The associated TUSS Generation III EVM GUI can be used to customise, configure, and control the ultrasonic setup, and monitor the performance of the resulting ultrasonic activity. The device includes one transformer driven closed-top transducer.

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