OBC magnetic modules for EVs designed for ease of production

27-05-2020 | Luso | Automotive Technologies

At the heart of any EV is its high-voltage battery and the associated charging system. The OBC gives the means to re-charge the battery from the AC mains either at home or from outlets to be frequently found in private or public charging stations.

EEMPL provide all the magnetics required for EV OBC systems and can also configure these into easy to integrate, designed for production modules enabling robotic production. These devices are available now from Luso Electronics.

This product offering comprises the following modular components for OBC systems, such as PFC modules, LLC, DC-DC converters and common mode chokes.

The products are all manufactured in their fully compliant IATF16949 certified factory using its optimised performance by the inclusion of technologies, including vacuum thermal compound encapsulation. In-house test lab covers all AEC-Q200 demands.

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