Half-bridge modules provide a robust and straightforward design

18-05-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Subs & Systems

Wolfspeed/Cree XM3 Half-Bridge Modules, available now from Mouser, provide a high-power density footprint that implements third-generation MOSFET technology with switching-loss or conduction-loss optimisation. The power module platform maximises the benefits of silicon carbide while keeping the module and system design robust and simple.

The modules allow a maximum drain-source voltage of 1200V and a drain-source current of 400A, 425A, or 450A. The terminal layout provides for direct bus bar connection without bends or bushings, enabling a simple, low inductance design (6.7nH). Isolated integrated temperature sensing gives high-level temperature protection with a 175C high junction temperature operation. A dedicated drain Kelvin pin facilitates direct voltage sensing for gate driver overcurrent protection.

The modules are supplied in an 80mm x 53mm x 19mm package with a silicon nitride insulator and copper baseplate.

Typical applications include motor and traction drives, UPS, electric vehicle chargers, and smart-grid/grid-tied distributed generation.

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