New high-power speaker amp ICs for advanced instrument clusters

28-04-2020 | ROHM Semiconductor | Automotive Technologies

ROHM Semiconductor has released its new AEC-Q100 qualified 2.8W output Class AB monaural speaker amplifiers the BD783xxEFJ-M series (BD78306EFJ-M, BD78310EFJ-M and BD78326EFJ-M) perfect for instrument clusters - employed in vehicles furnished with autonomous driving and ADAS.

The company has developed the series for vehicle clusters needing multiple sound outputs at high volume, including warning sounds, turn signals, welcome tones, and voice guidance. Also, employing a new type of OCP circuit protects against output shorts (damage due to accidental terminal contact) that were challenging to achieve in the past, making it possible to achieve high 2.8W output. Thermal shutdown and UVLO are also built in to ensure high-reliability protection against abnormal conditions.

Furthermore, qualification under the automotive reliability standard AEC-Q100 and support for high-temperature operation up to 105C allows stable voice output without compromising functionality even under harsh conditions.

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