Connect devices from a single supply line with snap-in circular connector distributors

02-04-2020 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Binder has expanded the applications for its popular snap-in 720 Series of miniature circular connectors with the launch of four and six-way distributors. These will be a welcome addition for designers and installers who require connection to several devices from a single supply line.

Applications will include installations where the demand to split/distribute the signal exists. These installations incorporate control, measurement, monitoring systems, lighting systems, distributed heating systems including stadium seating and greenhouses and data logging equipment.

The series is made up of low-cost plastic bodied connectors providing a quick and simple snap-in locking mechanism and protected to IP67 when mated. The company designed the series, especially for employment in applications where a simple waterproof connection is required in harsh environments.

The distributors feature three or five gold plated contacts rated up to 7A at 250V (5A at 125V). The series connectors come in black as standard.

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