Vibration sensor eases the development of smart sensor nodes

31-03-2020 | Analog Devices | Test & Measurement

Analog Devices ADcmXL1021-1 Vibration Sensor is intended to function as a single-axis vibration monitoring system. This vibration sensor consolidates high-performance vibration sensing systems with a mixture of signal processing functions to ease the development of smart sensor nodes. These smart sensor nodes are employed in Condition Based Monitoring systems. The signal processing incorporates high-speed data sampling (220kSPS), 4096-time sample record lengths, windowing, filtering, FFT, user-configurable spectral or time statistic alarms, and error flags. The vibration sensor needs only a single 3.3V power supply and supports an operating temperature range of -40C to +105C.

The sensor is offered in a 23.7mm x 27mm x 12.4mm aluminium package with four mounting flanges to support installation with standard machine screws. This package offers consistent mechanical coupling to the core sensors over a wide frequency range. The electrical interface is via a 14-pin connector on a 36mm flexible cable, which allows a broad range of location and orientation options for system mating connectors.

The device needs only a single, 3.3V power supply and supports an operating temperature range of -40C to +105C

Typical applications include vibration analysis, safety shutoff sensing, CBM systems, machine health, instrumentation, and diagnostics.

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