USB-C/PD high voltage power switch for sink with 5V dead battery LDO

16-03-2020 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

The Texas Instruments TPS6612x comprises an integrated 4V to 22V Sink power path. The power path supports overtemperature and reverse current protection. VBUS provides overvoltage protection with its level set by an optional external resistor divider. If no overvoltage protection is wanted, it can be disabled by grounding the OVP terminal. The device supports a fault pin that designates overtemperature events.

The series also supports a high voltage VBUS LDO regulator (3.3V or 5V per device type) beneficial for supplying power to the device and other system components when running in dead battery conditions. The TPS66120 regulates to 3.3V, and the TPS66121 regulates to 5V.

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