Memory boosting real-time performance and global 5G business opportunities

09-03-2020 | Apacer | Subs & Systems

Apacer has launched its 32GB DDR4 industrial-grade memory which is now offered to global first-line SD-WAN and virtual router vCPE customers. As global telecom operators begin to deploy 5G networks, to handle the continuous growth of temporarily stored data, large-capacity memory can assist to improve real-time computing performance and reduce network load.

The company's memory module uses Samsung's latest generation 1x nm 16Gb A-die DDR4 DRAM chip. The aim is to alleviate the pressure of 5G deployment costs and network virtualisation. Commencing with SD-WAN, vCPE and other applications, these memory modules are flourishing in the global first-tier customer supply chain, taking the lead in the 5G market. The characteristics of 5G have boosted the need for extensive data gathering and high-speed processing. The memory specifications continue to be pushed in the direction of large capacity and high performance. And the use of large-capacity memory will help speed up real-time data processing and computing performance, reduce network load, and shorten load times.

By Natasha Shek