Industry-proven time-of-flight 3D capture technology for Raspberry Pi

16-03-2020 | Conrad Electronic | Subs & Systems

Conrad Electronic is now marketing Pieye’s Nimbus 3D TOF camera module for Raspberry Pi, increasing its range of accessories for development tools.

“Pieye Nimbus 3D brings the industry-proven time-of-flight technology to Raspberry Pi and is aimed at B2B customers in inventory management and warehousing who, for example, need to monitor fill levels,” explains Markus Pröller from Pieye. “Users in research and development, education, and robotics - such as for gesture control - can also benefit from the camera modules’ features, offered through a cooperation with Makerfactory. Typical users of the Nimbus 3D in the B2C market are makers, hobbyists and inventors as well as model-making enthusiasts.”

The TOF technology integrated into the device determines the distance between the lens and the object through the propagation of modulated light pulses. The camera delivers a distance value for each pixel and makes this so-called ‘point cloud’ directly accessible for evaluation.

Since time-of-flight technology allows 3D measurements with a single sensor, the remarkably compact design is of exceptional advantage for employment as top fixture with Raspberry Pi for object recognition, gesture control or robot navigation.

“Thanks to the built-in Infineon REAL3 IRS1125A imager, the Makerfactory powered by Pieye Nimbus 3D TOF front-end for Raspberry Pi gives users a very precise environmental measurement,” says Vivian Bummerl, expert product management, Conrad Technology Centre.

By Natasha Shek