High-performance module family ideal for innovative applications

02-03-2020 | Avnet | Subs & Systems

Avnet Integrated offers the new MSC SM2S-RYZ module family, an expansion of its SMARC 2.0 module portfolio at the higher end of the performance range. The new module family provides AMD Ryzen embedded microprocessor technology for the first time, in the smallest possible COM form factor (82mm x 50mm). With these small dimensions, the MSC SM2S-RYZ SMARC 2.0 modules reach new levels of computing and graphics performance with outstandingly low power features and reasonable cost.

The module family is ideal for innovative applications where high graphics performance is needed along with low power consumption, such as medical, visualisation, measurement technology, HMI, entertainment and gaming. The embedded modules are compatible with the company’s new SimpleFlex platform, which can be speedily and easily configured according to customer-specific demands without any development effort.

The powerful MSC SM2S-RYZ module family is based on an AMD Ryzen Embedded APU in 'Zen' core architecture with up to two CPU cores and four threads. The TDP ranges from a low 6W to 15W. The integrated 'Vega' GPU with three, up to 1200MHz (1.2GHz) fast, compute units provides graphics performance that outperforms existing devices of a similar small form factor. Up to three independent 4K displays can be controlled with the processor board.

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