Enhanced range of storage satisfies demand for rugged conduction-cooled systems

02-03-2020 | Concurrent | Subs & Systems

Concurrent Technologies has teamed up with Vanguard Rugged Storage to offer an enhanced range of storage solutions for VPX based systems. With the adoption of workload consolidation and AI-based inference at the edge technologies as well as more traditional signal processing applications, the demand for storage has dramatically increased. Moreover, the demand for rugged conduction-cooled systems that have front removable storage devices can now be filled with selected storage modules.

Initially, the company is providing three new storage modules, all based on the OpenVPX standard with SATA connectivity for dependable operation and high throughput rates. TR MS6/522 is a 3U VPX board furnished with two fixed solid-state drives for up to 16TB capacity and is created for use in air-cooled applications. TR MS6/523 is also a 3U format module that provides a single front removable solid-state drive for rugged conduction-cooled applications. VR MS6/524 is a 6U air-cooled board with two front removable solid-state drives.

Jane Annear, managing director of Concurrent Technologies, commented: “Our processor boards offer direct-attached storage suitable for some missions, but we’ve been looking to expand our capabilities to include Network-attached Storage and Storage Area Networking solutions for some time. This alliance with Vanguard Rugged Storage helps us deliver on our objective to provide more content to our customers.”

Phil Loudin, CEO of Vanguard Rugged Storage, commented: “Our mission is to provide embedded data storage that is super fast and built to last. Our storage products are highly complementary to Concurrent Technologies’ processor boards, and we’re excited with this relationship as it enables us to serve a wider market.”