Digital key solution expands secure car access

11-03-2020 | NXP | Subs & Systems

NXP Semiconductors offers a new automotive Digital Key Solution that allows smartphones, key fobs and other mobile devices to securely communicate, store, authenticate and share digital keys with vehicles. The solution extends the convenience of car access by offering the secure basis needed to allow new features like key sharing, multi-car access, and configurable driving rights. Built on the company's automotive-qualified Secure Element and NFC chipsets, the solution follows the Car Connectivity Consortium’s Standardization Release 2, an architecture endorsed by the world’s carmakers, smartphone manufacturers and electronics suppliers.

“The digitalisation of Car Access is developing rapidly, driven by the desire for secure solutions that enable a new lifestyle,” said Markus Staeblein, vice president and general manager, Secure Car Access, NXP. “Imagine families and friends sharing their car keys via smart devices, fleet and car-sharing companies providing keys over the cloud and online orders delivered to your car.”

"Huf and NXP have been working together for years to develop industry-wide standards for communication between vehicles and smartphones," said Dr Fabian Lanze, head of processes and security at Huf Secure Mobile. "With the integration of NXP's NFC readers into our car access solutions, we are jointly defining the benchmark for uniform technologies according to Release 2 of the CCC standardisation and are taking the next step towards digital key and Release 3."

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