Analyser’s new options provide comprehensive signal analysis

24-03-2020 | Anritsu | Test & Measurement

Anritsu Company introduces IQ capture and IQ streaming options for its Field Master Pro MS2090A that claims to make the RTSA the first handheld analyser to capture 110MHz of IQ data. When consolidating the new features with the best-in-class wide bandwidth, long memory, and fast transfer speeds, the device can conduct extensive spectrum analysis in a mixture of general-purpose applications, including defence intelligence and government regulations.

With 110MHz bandwidth and 200MSps sample rate, the device claims to capture and stream twice as much data as any other handheld analyser. Furthermore, having IQ capture and streaming in RTSA mode provides for the capture and/or streaming of data without pausing the sweep, so users can monitor the spectrum visually while the capture is currently conducted. The result is more information is received on spectrum surrounding bands of interest.

Of particular benefit for intelligence and government applications, the RTSA can stream data to Bird Technology’s IQC5000B dual-channel RF record and playback system. The turnkey solution allows 110MHz of bandwidth to be streamed at 16-bit format and up to 15TB of data to be stored. Powerful post-processing analysis, including evaluating data in various domains, replaying data as spectrum with full-time resolution, and smart algorithms to search for signals, can be performed. Data can also be streamed to a USB 3.0 drive or PC over Ethernet.

For 5G applications, the 110MHz of capture bandwidth provides mobile operators to gather data on a full 5G NR signal in a single sweep. This can also post-process the data to locate any anomalies that will adversely affect network performance.

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