LED stacks provide cost-effective equipment status indicators

14-02-2020 | RS Components | Lighting Technologies

RS Components has launched the RS PRO range of preassembled, prewired and modular LED signal towers, giving OEM automation engineers and maintenance buyers a cost-effective option of visually signalling equipment faults and other machine states. Besides preassembled signal towers, the range of nearly 120 products comprises individual LED light elements, sounder units and prewired tower base units that can be user-assembled depending on individual demands.

These preassembled, prewired signal towers include 'elliptical' dome-shaped and cylindrical tower-shaped variants created to improve the safety and productivity of control and automation equipment. Supplied with either two (red and green) or three (red, amber and green) LED light modules, they are fast to install on 100mm, 70mm or 50mm diameter bases. Prewiring makes it easy to map colours to functions, and to switch the signal output of individual coloured modules. Light element options incorporate steady or flashing settings and various light effects.

Preassembled signal tower modules can be dismantled and reassembled swiftly without tools or disconnecting the power supply — to add or exchange LED modules, for example. All are ergonomically designed, and ingress protected to IP66.

The prewired base units have seven electrical contacts, enabling each to support up to seven LED modules or six LEDs and a sounder module. The electrical connection is made safely via an IP20 touch-proof connector. An extensive range of mounting accessories comprises surface-mount bases for flat surfaces, wall mounting brackets, and extension poles of various lengths.

Supply voltage options include 12–24VAC-DC and 120/240VAC.

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