Compact aluminium electrolytic capacitors offer high ripple current capability

07-02-2020 | TDK | Passives

TDK Corporation has released the new B43707* and B43727* series of EPCOS aluminium electrolytic capacitors with screw terminals. They are created for rated voltages of between 400VDC and 450VDC and comprise a capacitance range from 1800µF to 18000µF. One special feature of this series is their high CV product, which facilitates very compact dimensions. Depending on capacitance and voltage the capacitors measure only 51.6mm x 80.7mm to 76.9mm x 220.7mm (d x h).

The capacitors are intended for a maximum operating temperature of 85C and provide a very high ripple current capability of up to 63.9AAC (100Hz, 60C). A special base cooling design is also available, which doubles the ripple current capability. The B43707* series is designed for mounting with ring clips, whereas the B43727* series has a threaded stud on the bottom of the can.

The new robust capacitors are ideal for employment in industrial power supplies, frequency converters or UPS systems. Also, they can be used in renewable energy applications such as the converters in photovoltaic and wind power plants.

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