Oscilloscopes meet wideband test requirements

17-01-2020 | Rohde & Schwarz | Test & Measurement

Test and measurement specialist Rohde and Schwarz and semiconductor manufacturer Marvell have shown successful compliance tests and debugging for high-speed digital interfaces on the 88Q6113 multi-gigabit automotive switch platform.

The Marvell 88Q6113 is an excellent solution for implementing domain/zonal controller network architecture and is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3 automotive standards, providing high-bandwidth with advanced routing and security. The device is an 11-port Ethernet switch that supports RGMII/ MII/RMII/, SGMII, XFI Multi-Speed SerDes (1/2.5/5/10Gbps), and PCIe Gen 3.0, making it an excellent solution for integrating the entire range of sensors needed for ADAS and autonomous driving.

Rohde & Schwarz and Marvell claim to be the first companies to successfully execute 1000BASE-T1 compliance tests, for the Ethernet transceiver, utilising an R&S RTO oscilloscope. The latest improvements to the oscilloscope family incorporate the 16GHz acquisition bandwidth needed to perform signal integrity tests and debugging for SerDes, LVDS, PCIe Gen 3.0, MIPI and more, as well as automotive Ethernet interfaces all included in Marvell’s multi-gigabit automotive switch platform. The RTP incorporates real-time de-embedding for signal integrity analysis and offers what is claimed to be the highest acquisition rate on the market. Also, the RTP provides bus measurement features supporting the high-precision latency measurements crucial for debugging switches and networks, making this oscilloscope an excellent tool for automotive network test.

Dr Nik Dimitrakopoulos, automotive market segment manager at Rohde & Schwarz, comments: “With the introduction of domain and zone controllers in automotive networks, engineers will be faced with new challenges by the integration of fast serial interfaces like PCIe. Rohde & Schwarz is closely following the trends and test requirements in this industry. The addition to our portfolio of 16 GHz bandwidth for R&S RTP digital oscilloscopes can assist the automotive industry to overcome these challenges and fits perfectly in this market. We are very proud to assist Marvell in providing quality assurance for their products to their customers.”

Tim Lau, senior director of Product Marketing, Automotive Business Unit at Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. adds: “The Marvell 88Q6113 extends our multi-gigabit leadership, with interfaces delivering high-bandwidth to connected controllers and sensors. We are proud to partner with Rohde & Schwarz to complete compliance testing and deliver reliable, high-quality solutions in this unique, emerging market.”

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