New high voltage DC-DC power module for scientific and semiconductor applications

10-01-2020 | XP | Power

XP Power has launched a new 30W DC-DC power module that can generate up to 6kVDC from a 24VDC input. The HRL30 series gives an accurate high voltage output for an extensive mixture of applications, including scientific and semiconductor uses.

The series features 22 voltage models with an extensive range of fully controllable outputs from 0-200VDC to 0-6kVDC which are offered in positive and negative polarities. The wide input range of 22V to 30V enables the module to be powered by the 24V rail generally provided in industrial equipment, while an inbuilt precision +5VDC reference gives a stable supply to control the high voltage output. Excellent line/load regulation (0.01%) and low ripple/noise (<0.05%) provide a stable output voltage.

Modules in the series work across the temperature range -40C to +70C. The baseplate cooled package, as well as the unique design and manufacturing methods and a typical 85% efficiency, assure excellent thermal performance in even the most challenging applications.

The rugged device comprises arc, short-circuit, overload and thermal protection to safeguard the device itself and the equipment it is installed in. Devices in the series are created to meet EN 60950 and EN62368 and are ideal for applications including mass spectrometry, electrostatic chucks, E-beam/ion beam, electrophoresis, photomultiplier tubes, scanning electron microscopes and capacitor charging.

By Natasha Shek