Demonstration circuits are easy to set up and evaluate performance

28-01-2020 | Analog Devices | Design & Manufacture

Analog Devices DC2874A Demonstration Circuits display the LTC3310S 10A, low voltage, synchronous step-down Silent Switcher working as a multiphase 2MHz, 3.3V to 1.2V buck regulator. The device provides three build options to give a two-phase 20A (DC2874A-C), three-phase 30A (DC2874A-B), or four-phase 40A (DC2874A-A) output solution. The device aids adjustable output voltages from 0.5V to VIN and operating frequencies through 500kHz up to 2.25MHz in multiphase operation.

The device runs in pulse skip mode and enables the slave phases to stop switching first before the master begins skipping pulses for better low current efficiency. The device also provides an EMI filter to decrease conducted EMI. This EMI filter can be incorporated by applying the input voltage at the VIN EMI terminal. The EMI performance of the board is displayed in the EMI TEST RESULTS section. The red lines in the EMI performance graphs show the CISPR25 Class 5 peak limits for the conducted and radiated emission tests.

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