Clock buffers supplied with SMBus and side-band interface

22-01-2020 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments CDCDB2000 20-Output Clock Buffers provide DB2000QL compliant buffers. The clock buffers distribute the reference clock for PCIe Gen 1-5, quick-path interconnect, ultra-path interconnect, SAS, and SATA interfaces.

These clock buffers are supplied with SMBus, Side-Band Interface, and eight output enable pins that provide the configuration and control of all the 20 outputs independently. The buffers offer hardware-controlled low power mode and provide less than 0.08ps RMS additive phase jitter after the DB2000QL filter. These clock buffers are provided in a 6mm x 6mm TLGA/GQFN package with 80 leads.

Typical applications include microserver and tower servers, storage area network and host bus adapter cards, network-attached storage, and hardware accelerators.

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