Focussing on cyber security

06-01-2020 | Nexus Industrial Memory | Subs & Systems

Advice available from the company’s specialists begins with Southern Manufacturing and Electronics, which includes guidance on selecting the best device form-factor - and technology inside the device - to achieve levels of security that simply cannot be realised using commercially available solutions, such as USB and SD. In addition, their specialists will be showing how bespoke form-factor receptacles, panel or board-mounted, also provide a layer of protection.

Furthermore, for user authentication and system access control applications, it is possible to pair the system with the device in such a way that it is virtually impossible to copy the ‘key’ part.

Michael Barrett, managing director of Nexus Industrial Memory, comments: “With many applications requiring removable memory devices -for data transfer or user authentication, for example - unless the technology is secure, the use of such devices is a weakness in any company’s cyber defences. For instance, USB ports on panels and cabinet doors are an access point at which malicious software might be introduced. Also, unless heavily encoded, data on a misplaced or stolen USB thumb drive can be read by anyone.”

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics, Stand D85.

By Natasha Shek