SMA connectors provide a ruggedised solution for harsh environments

19-12-2019 | Amphenol | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Amphenol RF has released additional SMA connectors to the existing Amphenol Rugged Connector series. This product series is particularly created to provide superior performance in harsh conditions which makes them excellent for outdoor applications where extreme weather conditions could be a consideration. These interconnect solutions are rated IP67 in both the mated and unmated state.

The new connectors are created using nickel plating over brass to give a robust performance in less than optimal environments. These 50Ohm interconnects are provided in straight and right-angle configurations and functions with a minimal reflection for the full range of the cable, DC to 8GHz. The reliable threaded interface makes these ARC connectors ideal for outdoor installation.

The connectors are offered as part of a pre-configured fixed-length cable assembly featuring LMR-200 cable, designed and manufactured by Times Microwave, for a full Amphenol solution.

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