New competitively priced and highly efficient desktop power supplies

10-12-2019 | XP | Power

XP Power has released two new series of desktop power supplies that provide a very efficient and low-cost solution for various applications. The new PSUs are perfect for providing the power, energy efficiency and cost demands of increasingly capable modern industrial and technology equipment.

The VES180 series delivers up to 180W of power, while the VES220 series up to 220W. Both series satisfy Energy Efficiency Level VI and CoC Tier 2 minimum efficiency limits and no-load power demands, thereby decreasing operating costs of equipment. Typical average efficiencies are about 92% assuring that the PSUs keep cool even when providing full power.

Both series are safety approved to IEC60950 and 62368-1 enabling them to be applied globally, they are also qualified to China Compulsory Certification. The universal input range (90 to 264VAC, 47 to 63Hz) is compatible with mains voltages in every country.

Each series provides a total of five separate single outputs (12, 15, 19, 24 and 48VDC) and can run over the temperature range -10C to +60C, with full power being produced at ambient temperatures up to +40C.

By Natasha Shek