Industrial PC offers stable and reliable performance at a competitive price

04-12-2019 | Display Technology | Subs & Systems

Display Technology now offers AAEON latest product for AI Edge computing, the BOXER-8220AI box PC powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano. With the latest SoC from NVIDIA built for AI, the device provides stable and reliable performance at a price which is competitive and budget-friendly.

Powered by the latest in edge computing technology from Nvidia, the device merges the quad-core ARM Cortex-A57 MPCore processor with NVIDIA Maxwell GPU architecture with 128 NVIDIA CUDA cores.

With the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, the device can deliver processing speeds up to 472 GFLOPS, providing the capability to provide multiple neural networks or process several high-resolution images simultaneously. Joined with the support of up to five input cameras or sensors, and four USB 3.0, the versatility to combine with projects is even greater.

The device is ideal for industrial application due to its rugged build and fanless design providing long reliable operation, blocking dust or other contaminants from interfering with components. The operating temperature range for the device is -20C up to 60C.

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