Robust, low-latency PHY technology for industrial Ethernet solutions

15-11-2019 | Analog Devices | Subs & Systems

Analog Devices has released new robust, industrial Ethernet PHY products to assist manufacturers to address key Industry 4.0 and smart factory communication challenges surrounding data integration, synchronisation, edge connectivity, and system interoperability. The ADIN1300 is a low-power, single-port Ethernet transceiver with industry-leading power and latency specifications essentially created for time-critical industrial Ethernet applications up to Gigabit speeds. As industrial automation advances the adoption of Ethernet and pushes in the boundaries of data rates, the device is intended to function reliably in harsh industrial conditions over wide ambient temperature ranges.

The products are aimed at industrial Ethernet applications, including motion control, building automation, factory automation, test and measurement, and IIoT.

“Within industrial environments, even one millisecond of communications timing being off can produce a negative, expensive impact on quality, throughput, and efficiency for manufacturers,” said Brendan O’Dowd, general manager of the Industrial Automation Business Unit for Analog Devices. “ADIN1300 ensures real-time, robust industrial communications by targeting important challenges of deploying industrial Ethernet connectivity with low latency in a smaller package size to reduce industrial Ethernet network cycle times. We are also excited to unveil our updated suite of ADI Chronous Ethernet solutions to set new standards for industrial Ethernet speed, scalability, and range of multi-protocol support, all backed by ADI’s commitment to long life cycle product availability and support.”

SPS November 26-28, 2019, Booth #5.129

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