Reed relay for space-restricted applications is suitable for high-speed test systems

12-11-2019 | Pickering | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Pickering Electronics has released its Series 122 10W-rated reed relay, extending the company’s 4mm2TM product family. Employed in high-speed test systems and occupying a PCB footprint of only 4mm x 4mm, the new relay offers what is claimed to be the highest packing density currently available. Measuring only 12.5mm in height the relays can operate from 3V or 5V and has contacts rated with a switching current of 0.5A at 10W.

The relays offer fast operate and release times and are excellent for high-speed test systems such as ATE switching matrices or multiplexers. Highlighting the highest-quality, instrumentation-grade sputtered-ruthenium switches the 1 Form A (SPST) Normally Open (NO) Energize-to-make devices have plastic packages with internal mu-metal magnetic screening to evade cross-interference and ‘false’ switching in densely packed applications. Devices are 100%-tested for dynamic contact resistance to guarantee performance and have an insulation resistance of more than 1012Ohm.

Comments Keith Moore, CEO at Pickering Electronics: “We launched our first 4mm2TM product, the Series 120, with a switching rating of up to 1A at 20W and a height of 15.5mm. Last year, the Series 124 reduced this profile to 9.5mm but with a slightly lower rating of 0.5A at 5W. We can now provide customers with the new Series 122 device which fills the gap in our product range and offers the flexibility required to design in a product that exactly matches their requirements.”

Productronica, 12-15 November, Booth A1.452

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