New no-clean and halogen-free flux now available

05-11-2019 | Indium Corporation | Subs & Systems

Indium Corporation has released TACFlux 108HF, a new no-clean, halogen-free, high tack force flux for hand soldering and rework applications.

The flux is compatible with SAC Pb-free alloys for PCB assembly applications. It joins the company’s versatile portfolio of speciality fluxes created to offer solutions for current and evolving industry challenges. The benefits include halogen-free per IEC 61249-2-21 test method EN14582. It also meets SIR and ECM test method requirements per IPC J-STD-004B. The flux offers higher tack force than many other TACFlux options and reflows in air or nitrogen.

The flux is compatible with Indium10.8HF solder paste, a no-clean, Pb-free solder paste that facilitates low cost-of-ownership for PCB assembly through its HiP and NWO resistance and all-around balanced performance.

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