LED driver with input over voltage protection for challenging power conditions

26-11-2019 | Intertronics | Lighting Technologies

Inventronics has released the new EAM-150S105SB. This LED driver leverages the company's latest platform design with special modifications, particularly for the Indian market and those markets which face tough power regulations. It also provides design flexibility with an adjustable output current to reduce SKUs and suit a multitude of projects.

The device is provided with an advanced circuitry design that helps protect against poor input power quality supplied to the LED driver, decreasing maintenance costs and safeguarding the luminaire. This is accomplished by giving IOVP that can withstand voltage increases up to 440VAC at a maximum of 48 hours.

The device provides design flexibility with optimal results and multiple configurations through the potentiometer feature with constant power at a wide output current range. It offers a low output current ripple to ensure a uniform, quality light. It also provides an optimised, more compact form factor, giving full-load efficiency up to 92% and has a calculated lifetime up to 109,000 hours at Tc 70C.

The device uses the new platform design providing for industry-leading input protection of 4kV (differential mode) and 6kV (common mode) while giving an easier method for hi-pot testing luminaires without any secondary operation. It has an IP67 rating and is furnished with a compact metal case allowing them to protect against dust and particles and a high level of protection against humidity and water and is certified to BIS, CE and CB standards aiding safety certification for the end user.

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