Flow-through optical oxygen sensor enables better sample gas management

04-11-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

SST Sensing LuminOx Flow-through Optical Oxygen Sensor, available now from Mouser, provides for a clean gas sample straight into the sensor, which can be entirely removed from the process environment. A flow-through housing provides for better sample gas management and options in respect of where the sensor can be located. The patented technology is designed on a non-depleting operating principle and can provide to the sensors having a comparably longer lifetime than other competitor technologies, such as galvanic sensors, for similar applications. The sensor offers an internal sensor for temperature and barometric pressure compensation, indicating the user not need consider this in their design. It also communicates straight to the user’s USART, so no signal conditioning circuitry is needed.

The device is a solid-state sensor and contains no lead or liquid electrolytes. The luminescence quenching principle measures the partial pressure of oxygen (ppO2). The internal barometric pressure sensor measurement, as well as the ppO2 measurement, enables an oxygen concentration (O2%) value to be calculated. The USART output enables the sensor to communicate the values of O2%, ppO2, barometric pressure, internal temperature and a sensor status.

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