Versatile switching regulator provides high input voltage range

07-10-2019 | Recom International | Power

The R-78HE5.0-0.3 is a low-cost industrial-grade switching regulator in a classic SIP3 three-pin format that will take an input voltage up to 72VDC (100VDC surge) to supply a regulated 5V/300mA short-circuit protected output. The converter will work over an extra-wide ambient temperature range of -40C up to +105C without load derating and delivers a tightly regulated (+/-1%) output with high efficiency and low ripple/noise.

The device is also particularly reliable with an MTBF of 15 million hours and is fabricated in the company's IATF 16949 certified factory for consistently high-quality control.

Typical applications include industrial CAN-bus systems, 36V/48V Li-Ion battery-powered equipment, off-grid solar power supplies and remote powered units with very long supply cables.

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