New electromechanical invisible locking for specialist vehicles or cabinets

25-10-2019 | Emka | Subs & Systems

Externally invisible locking is afforded by the new EMKA ePush-Lock, satisfying the demand for a comfortable non-handle locking system. This flat design style of internal locking handle is a trend for mobile homes and numerous other applications where it is beneficial to hide opening panels.

The company have developed this new invisible electronic lock for precisely this situation. The user opens and closes the door or flap by pushing from the outside. The flap then automatically opens without further intervention. The design enables doors and latches to fit into the exterior design of any caravan, specialist vehicle or office cabinet with no visible cut-outs or corresponding dirt traps. The lock is screwed and mounted behind the panel, offering no necessity to breach the outer seal and the electronic controls facilitate integration into the central locking system with an emergency opening also included.

By Natasha Shek