Expanded high-temperature thyristor series helps designers improve thermal management

10-10-2019 | Littelfuse | Passives

Littelfuse now offers a further five series of high-temperature Alternistor TRIAC switching thyristors. The thyristors are created for use as semiconductor switches in appliances and equipment powered by line AC voltages up to 250VRMS.

Offered in five compact, surface-mount and through-hole packages, these components increase the company's TRIAC product line by making high 150C maximum junction temperature products available in 600V to 800V with ratings of 12A, 16A, 25A, 30A and 40A.

This blend of high-temperature abilities, space-saving packaging and variety of current ratings makes them well-suited for IoT smart home applications that need compact design but don’t involve constant high currents.

“The combination of the robust clip-attach assembly design and the maximum operating junction temperature ensures the high surge capability needed to withstand short-duration overload conditions. This important extension to our TRIAC product portfolio opens the door for product designers to include 250V AC applications with current ratings up to 40A,” said Koichiro Yoshimoto, business development manager, Semiconductor Business Unit at Littelfuse. “By offering more current rating choices in a variety of surface-mount packages utilising our clip-attach assembly, design engineers now have the freedom to minimise board sizes for low power applications, while also ensuring excellent field reliability and longer product life.”

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